Missouri Trophies

Why Missouri?

Genitics, Habitat, Cover, Food, & Management

Northern Missouri is known for its big deer!

NO DRAW, you can get your tags over the counter and they are very reasonable ($225.00 includes 2 deer & 2 fall Turkey (rates for 2011/2012 season)
4 Point per side restriction, means most 1-1/2 year old deer are not legal to shoot! It is against the law to shoot a deer with less than 4 points on one side. This builds Quality deer into the heard by state law! Quality Deer Management Association ranks Northern Missouri in their top 10 for taking trophy caliber deer! Check out our field and scouting camera photos! Missouri still seems to be running under the radar, despite taking lots of whopper bucks! The secret is getting out, as more hunters are discovering the show-me-state for super sized Whitetails!

Our hunts are 100% strictly Archery! C'mon man...... Lets go Bow hunting!

Trail CAM Pics From Our Dozens Of Camera's

MONSTERS.....Yeah, we got em!