About Missouri Deer Hunting

Trophy Whitetail Archery Deer Hunting

Lots of effort has gone into our properties to assure a quality deer & Turkey experience. We have several food plots that have been strategically placed for bow hunting. Most of our properties have stands placed as starting points along travel areas & various food plots, in well thought out locations. Our hunts are semi guided and we recommend you start with these stands and make adjustments as your hunt goes to keep up with deer movement. Please bring your own portable stands so you can move and adjust as needed to deer movement. An example of where we would have a stand placed would be on a ridge top or travel corridor, that is highly used or on a food plot or food source.

During the last week of October and first two weeks of November the bucks are usually on their feet actively looking or chasing does. We recommend you sit tight in what we call "cruising areas” as mature deer should be on the move during this time of year. Archery hunting mature deer is a waiting game and the most successful hunters put in their time and are prepared when the moment of truth arrives.

Good Stewards

Our hunts are done as semi guided. We provide you with a topo map of the area you will be hunting, and go over the boundaries in person so you feel comfortable with the property you are hunting. We get you started with your first set up on the property and then you take over with your own stands as you adjust to deer movement.

We always make every effort to give each person in camp an equal opportunity to harvest a trophy animal. Please keep in mind, despite the fact we have several trophy caliber deer on our properties (see trail camera pictures), taking them is not going to be easy. Some luck will be required as these are free-ranging, truly wild, whitetail deer, which are one of the most difficult animals (4-1/2 year and older deer) to take with archery equipment.

Proper Management

Please be aware that our passion for archery hunting is what got us into this business. We realize as successful bow hunters ourselves that mature deer don’t take pressure very well. If you walk thru, disturb your area, or hunt stands that are not good for a particular wind direction, your chance of success will go down proportionally. We are doing everything within our power to assure you have a successful hunt. This does also require the hunter has, good, keen, and proper hunting skills. You are hunting in a part of Missouri that has quality deer, which is the best way to start your good luck!

Under our quality deer management program, we are trying to harvest only mature bucks of 3-1/2 years or older. If you need help with identifying this class of deer we will be glad to give a few pointers before your hunt starts. Just like us, you are here for a mature buck, and we don’t want 2-1/2 year old deer shot, as they are the future.

Quality deer sightings are highly probable on our properties. Opportunity is good, and trophy success is common.

Hunting License cost is $265.00 (2023/2024 Nonresident pricing) which includes 2 deer & 2 fall turkey. Only 1 buck may be taken before the mid November gun season. Antlerless deer tags for Nonresidents are $25 (2023)

We use about 95% Ladder Stands @ TCO and put Food Plots in areas where needed

Pictures From Around Camp