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Missouri Deer & Turkey Hunts

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Come Check Us Out - You Won't Be Sorry!

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For Hunt Info Call Paul @ 651-238-2697 or Tim Schlaufman @ 989-619-7142 -- Text Paul for any 2024/25 Openings or Cancellations 
--- MDC Law requires hunters to cancel your permit if you wound a deer

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Missouri Whitetail Deer Hunting

Tombstone Creek Outfitters, is a complete 100% archery exclusive Missouri Deer Hunting Outfitter and Turkey Hunting Outfitter, located in the heart of some of the best whitetail deer hunting and turkey hunting in the Midwest.

We have over 95 properties in prime hunting areas that are either owned or leased and controlled by Tombstone Creek Outfitters, in Daviess County, Harrison County, and Grundy County, Missouri. The land is composed of a mix of hard woods, bottoms, fields, cutovers, pine blocks, creek bottoms, and CRP, all located just south of the Iowa boarder.


Missouri Spring Archery
Turkey Hunting

Spring Turkey hunts are conducted using the same house as lodging, and these hunts too are also self guided trespass hunts. We have several farms that we archery hunt for Eastern species gobblers & others for Shot Gun hunters. In most cases we have a ground blind set up on each of our Archery farms in strategically placed strutting or action areas as a starting point.

You should bring your own calls, decoys, and blinds (to adjust to bird movement) Their will be help in camp during the entire spring season to direct hunting traffic & to help get everyone on birds. We are strictly set up for ground blind ARCHERY hunting, and ask that each hunter remains in the blind for the duration on their archery hunt to maximize opportunities.

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Look What Our Hunters Are Saying About TCO

  • Clayton- San Antonio TX
    Kyle and Tim, Thanks for making the long trip from Texas worth it. We have been on countless hunts in several states and this is by far the best. The camp was comfortable and clean but simple. I saw the biggest deer of my life and it will haunt me until we get in there next October since we already re-booked! If you are on the fence for booking a hunt, I encourage you to do so here. This outfit is as legit as they come....Paul is a class act. Make sure to get him to tell you his grizzly bear hunt story. Its epic.
    Clayton- San Antonio TX
  • Jim Harrison - White Bear Lake, MN
    Paul, Thanks for a great time!  We are rebooking for next year.
    Jim Harrison - White Bear Lake, MN
  • Joe Seal
    Paul, Tim, and Kyle, We had great time this past week at TCO! We Can't wait to get back up there and give it another shot. Got the opportunity to watch several deer while overlooking some of the most beautiful woods I've ever been in. Big thanks to everyone at TCO for putting in the time and effort during the offseason, and continued efforts during the open season. These guys do their best to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity at harvesting a mature trophy buck.
    Joe Seal
  • Jim Seace
    Hi Paul, I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Ron this fall.  He was blown away and has never been anywhere before and couldn't get over the size and numbers of the deer in Missouri.  Ron said he saw more deer in one week @ TCO than he would see here in VT in 2 years of hunting.  He had did have a 16 inch 8pt come in and lick our decoy one day and it took all he had not to shoot it, any where else he would have been shooting.  I was glad that he was able to also see a real shooter the last nite we hunted, but too bad it was on the neibors property. He is talking about next year already, im not sure if he will be with us or not, but if he is and feels good enough I may be getting ahold of you. Your a real stand up guy Paul and we really want to thank you again.
    Jim Seace
  • Anthony McMaster
    Hey Mr. Paul, Well, on a scale of 1-10 on how our stay at TCO was it had to be about a 15! Really had a blast. I would like to book a spot for next season 2013.  And for sure want to be in the Sept. 15 spot in 2014 with my new hunting  buddy I met, Paul Davis. I starting to think i was insane, but now I know I am not the only one on Earth who lives to deer hunt and deer hunts to live! Seth was a great guy and hell of a comedian! Haha. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know we enjoyed it, even without getting a kill. Michael got a shot at a good 8 pt , and I got busted from behind by a 150 class 10 pt ( a perverted mind might take that last sentence the wrong way...ha!) , and marshall had a hunt where he saw 40 deer. anyhow, I will check my schedule for the next year and pick out a fitting date. I might like something during the rut or early in the season. Will let you know ASAP. Talk to ya soon, have a Merry Christmas!  
    Anthony McMaster
  • Robert Watson,Texas
    Paul, Tim and Kyle Had a awesome time hunting with u guys. Y'all have a great place to hunt, and a great camp. See y'all next year.
    Robert Watson,Texas
  • From a posting on
    My family has a cabin we hunt from. If we take what we pay for the loan, taxes, and utilities, it is well over $15,000/year. That doesn't include food plots or any work done. Not to be a total shill for my friends at Tombstone Creek Outfitters, but they offer incredible 5 day hunts on managed properties for $950 to $1,800 per hunt depending on the time of year(rut hunts are around $1,800, early & late season are less). We have a discussion about what would happen if we got rid of the cabin just about every year. Obviously, if you live on the property you hunt on there is more value than just the hunting. But for those who purchase property solely for hunting, I'm not sure that is better value than traveling to hunt.
    From a posting on
  • Bob Zaborowski
    Paul, Dan, & Jim, Thanks for a great hunt, I am really looking forward to hunting agian with you guys.  If I hunt the same property as last time, I already know a spot or two I am going to hang a stand.  By the time I was done with my hunt, I felt I had figured out the place pretty good. Thanks again,
    Bob Zaborowski
  • Joe Scaramell MN
    Paul & Dan, Thanks again for a great hunt, your camp is awesome!  I have hunted all over the country and would say hands down you have a top notch outfit. From the quality of deer to the non stop laughs in camp, this is must do for any bowhunter. I will be back again for sure to hunt those monster bucks!!! Thanks again,
    Joe Scaramell MN
  • Mark Hitcome - Cassadaga, NY
    Paul, my brother and i had a great time !it was slow due to the acorn crop dropping all at once ,making for unpredictable deer movement, and we still saw deer ! the land and sign tells the true story and we would love to have another shot at it ! the trail cam pics we got while in camp also told the story, the camp was great, all the comforts of home . thanx again for a great time and cant wait to return ! paul and the guys of tombstonecreek outfitters are on the money ! Mark and Brian Hitcome ps. how about that brett favre !!!! lol  
    Mark Hitcome - Cassadaga, NY
  • Shane and Lucas
    This was my first hunt in Missouri with an outfitter and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and hospitality offered by Paul and Seth with TCO. They did everything they could to set us up for success and although my buddy and I did not harvest a deer, we had such a good experience we are already making plans to go back next year. TCO runs a first class operation and earns my highest recommendation!!! See you guys in 2012!! Geaux LSU Tigers!!
    Shane and Lucas
  • Jusin Hamilton Hazlehurst, MS
    I had an absolute great Time at TCO. Paul will help and make your stay top notch. Great help from Seth camp manager and a lot of experience in camp great great people I will defanently go back every year! Lots of deer you have to stay on your P and Q''s the hole time in the stand cause in a blink of a eye a giant will be in bow range I know cause it happened to me great place!
    Jusin Hamilton Hazlehurst, MS
  • Roy Overton from Colorado City, TX
    Paul, Thank you so much for another successful hunt you and your crew a truly a class act. Me and the boys from Texas are really looking forward to coming back next season!  Thank you so much for making a honest opportunity for someone on a budget to have a chance to harvest a Missouri trophy whitetail! Thanks again,
    Roy Overton from Colorado City, TX
  • David Turnage
    Hello Paul and Tim I just wanted to send a little note of appreciation and to thank the two of you for an exciting week we spent at Tombstone Creek Outfitters. I feel Tim did an excellent job showing us around and did his finest at putting us on good deer. However the weather didn’t want to cooperate with us, very hot.   I did see numerous amounts of does, fawns and a (good buck too far for my ability) very exciting hunts though, seen deer, multiple deer every hunt.  I really enjoyed myself as well as the newlyweds, we spoke a lot about Tombstone on the way home, ALL POSITIVE !  In fact David Jr. and myself are discussing a return visit sometime this November, hopefully everything will work out so we can make that happen. Paul, Tim did an excellent job and appeared to really enjoy doing it, very knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks again and hope to see ya soon
    David Turnage
  • Dan Hoey
    Having only used an outfitter for bear hunting and fishing and not being impressed, I knew I had to do my homework to find a trust worthy whitetail outfitter. I spent several weeks on the internet looking at every good whitetail state. After many many hours staring at the computer and several phone calls I decided to book a hunt with Paul and TCO. I couldn't have had a better time. Paul and Seth worked hard for all the guys and it seemed all they did while we hunted was put up more stands and scout better locations. I was by my self but I felt at home with the guys who came as far as Mississippi, Michigan, Louisiana and even New York. Unfortunately I did not score a big MO Whitetail but being a bow hunter for 20 years I know that weather is the number one thing that determines success and 80 degrees in late October really had the deer movement to a minimum. Above all else I would like to thank Paul for always having time to answer questions over the phone and I never once felt like I was rushed or I was bothering him. Thanks to Seth for the hard work as well. I have rebooked for next year and PK might yet see me during the late season or in the turkey blind as well. Thanks guys, Go Pack!!!
    Dan Hoey
  • Dan Cahill - Fort Hood, TX
    Tombstone Creek, Thanks for a great hunt guys.  It was very nice you let me bring my daughter along.  I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again!
    Dan Cahill - Fort Hood, TX
  • Dan Gibson - Minnesota
    Thanks for a great hunt!  I am booking and coming back!
    Dan Gibson - Minnesota
  • Mark,Brian,Randy and Ed!
    Paul, Again we had a great time! Never have we heard so many gobblers in an area! the camp was great, and enjoyed the stories!  We were on many birds and we captured my hunt for our video, the footage was awesome !  Thanks again for hosting the H&H OUTDOORS team in camp again.  We cant wait to get back in November to tear up those big ol mo. bucks . also very nice to meet Rich and Dan.  Again thank you and keep on having fun!
    Mark,Brian,Randy and Ed!
  • Leigh Livermore Wisconsin
    Paul, Once again Tombstone Creek Outfitters wildly exceeded my expectations!  When I arrived in camp I found even more comfortable bunk houses and improvements to the facilities.  With 10 of us in camp there was plenty of room and time for camaraderie! And the turkey hunting! FANTASTIC! I had an opportunity at a mature gobbler the first day at 38 yards and elected to pass on the shot. The next day I went back to the same blind and had multiple (4 or 5) Toms gobbling all around me.  At 6:35 AM two BEAUTIFUL mature Toms came running to my calls and decoys.  I shot my Tom at 15 yards following the shot placement advice you gave me in the pre-hunt meeting and made a clean kill that I am proud of.  It was such and exciting hunt and I can''t express enough appreciation to you and Matt Cahill for all of the help, advice, and encouragement to enable me to make my first archery turkey kill!! Thanks a million and I will see you the last week of October for a chance to make another dream come true with a Missouri trophy buck! Good huntin''!
    Leigh Livermore Wisconsin
  • Leigh Livermore, Wisconsin
    Paul, I just want to drop a note to tell you how impressed I am with your set up at Tombstone Creek Outfitters.  The accommodations in the house and the bunk houses were very very comfortable.  Your work shop for storing stands and taking care of downed deer was really nice.  You had as great a bunch of hunters in camp when I was there.  They were all hardcore hunters and spent every opportunity to hunt in the woods.  Your encouragement really helps keep people fired up to hunt!  It is contagious! I had an absolutely fantastic hunt from the camaraderie in camp to the hunt on your properties.  The stands were set up well and were very safe and sturdy.  I really liked the slip ropes.  I am a big guy and I felt absolutely secure going up over 20' on climbing sticks when hooked up to the slip ropes.  They are so easy to use and used in tandem with a good fall restraint they are a great safety feature! I had 32 hours of sit time on stand.  While the first 3 sits (12 hours of hunting) I did not see a deer you kept encouraging me and even moved me to a different property.  When the wind allowed I went to a strong stand site for a North wind.  In my last 20 hours of hunting (5 sits) a saw 16 deer and 5 were bucks.  Of the bucks 3 were shooters.  One was a nice 8 point that probably would have made P&Y.  Another was chasing a hot doe and was a very respectable 10 point that I would guess at about 140 inches.  The other shooter was a real BOOMER!  He was way out past the ears, heavy, and tall!  I would guess he was over 170 inches of bone!!!!  While I did not get a shot opportunity in my limited time to hunt I think things were really starting to pick up just as I was leaving camp.  The guys started killing bucks right after the rain ended and your photo updates on a daily basis were really great and are keeping me enthused to come down for a few days of late season hunting! I just want to thank you again for sharing all your knowledge and expertise, providing a very comfortable camp, and for all of your encouragement!  I can't wait to come back for the late season bow hunt and next spring's turkey hunt! Good hunting!
    Leigh Livermore, Wisconsin
  • Erik Thomas
    TCO I just wanted to say thank you for a GREAT Hunt!  My son Tyler and I really enjoyed spending time with you, guys at TCO.  It was great to meet your dad Dickey Korn I am envious of the apparent love you have for each other and love that you guys have built so many great memories in the field together.  I hope to build memories like this with my son Ty. Thanks so much UPDATE:  The Thomas's returned in 2014 and 16 year old Tyler took his 1st buck with a bow! Congrats TCO
    Erik Thomas
  • Garrett "Bobby" Hill
    TCO I just wanted to drop a quick thank you for the hospitality that I was shown on my trip to TCO last season. I drove up from Louisiana by myself and upon arrival, dang ol Paul was waiting for me to get out of my truck. We immediately loaded up and he went and showed me the first property I would be hunting. The week's hunting was hard, with the weather being extremely warm for November. I still saw a lot of deer, passed on a ~120" buck, and had to watch a buck at 75 yards that would've scared the crap out of 175" (That's the sacrifice of bowhunting). You guys do a heck of a job in relating with each and every hunter, and do your best to make sure everyone has the best hunt possible. Heck of an operation! See yall in November! Update:  Garrett returned the next season and took an awesome main frame 8 point!  See you next year!
    Garrett "Bobby" Hill
  • Garrett Souza-Denver, CO
    TCO, Just a quick note to let you know how good of a time we had on the bowhunt. I see a lot of outfitters around the country for my business and you rank near the top. I was impressed with a lot of things in the 5 days, but namely your insightful guidance on the properties, the quality of the farms, and the lodging. Though nothing fancy, I thought the rooms were great! Northern Missouri genetics speak for themselves, but your property management and archery only policy creates a playground for us bow hunters. Thanks again!
    Garrett Souza-Denver, CO
  • David Smith LA
    Guys and Gals, I just returned from a bowhunt with Tombstone Creek Outfitters in Missouri and have to say that I was very impressed with their operation. The guides went out of their way to make sure everyone had an enjoyable time. The owner made you feel like an old friend even though I had just met him. I was one of eight bowhunters in camp last week although there was plenty of room in their cabins for probably double that amount. I strictly hunted their stands even though I had the option to hang and hunt my own stand. I found that their stands were in great locations so I didn’t hang/hunt my own stand. I wound up arrowing a heavy bodied 8-pointer the first afternoon in a transition pinch point located between a bedding area and the nearby ag fields. Tagging out so early took off the pressure BUT I had to later let not one but two larger 10 pointers pass by within 10 yards! I was able to video the smaller of the two (see attached pic). I planned to be more selective but it happened really quickly (as it always seems to). We'll see what happens next year. On the second the last day I filled my doe tag on a 150# MAIDEN doe. Those deer are huge up there. Anyway, I just wanted to pass on this info in case anyone is considering making a bowhunt to the Midwest, since I found the hunting to be much better than any place I've hunted at home. TCO's early and late season bowhunts are very reasonable in my opinion. Thanks
    David Smith LA
  • Brad Komarek - Shakopee Minnesota
    Tombstone Creek, A big thanks for all your hospitality!!! Sharon and I had a blast and you will definitely be seeing us again as we have booked already for next Turkey Season. Thanks for lining up someone to call for Sharon. Watched your DVD last night and all I have to say is it looks like you have done a great job with Stewart. Puts a thought into my head, the first woman (next year) to take a turkey with a bow at Tombstone Creek on film? Thanks again
    Brad Komarek - Shakopee Minnesota
  • Blake Hanson
    First of all I was very comfortable with Paul within the first 5 minutes on the phone with him. I'd searched many Outfitters, but I knew TCO was going to be my best bet for a couple of reasons. 1 being the price is VERY reasonable for the quality of land and setups you get to hunt. 2 there were an abundance of food plots plus bean and corn fields galore. 3 TCO owner Paul Korn and camp manager Seth Hudalla are two of the most personable people I have met in along time, and consider them friends. I didn't harvest an animal while in Missouri in 2012, but I will be back year after year with high hopes of doing so. The proof is in the pictures, the deer are out there, ya just got to have that golden opportunity, so to everyone on the fence, you won't be disappointed with TCO. Update:  Blake killed a nice 8 point when he returned in 2013!  Way to go Blake!
    Blake Hanson
  • Shawn Luke, Preston MS
    Paul, Seth, and JD, Thank you again for a great time at Tombstone Creek. The hunt was awesome, but the atmosphere at camp was top notch. I honestly feel that you work hard to put each hunter on deer and that just doesn't happen with most outfitters. I refer all of my friends to come see you if they want a great time at camp along with a great hunt. Awesome job guys!! Update: Shawn came back twice after this hunt and killed 2 P&Y class deer in 2 consecutive falls, and has hunted once in the spring and took his first Turkey with bow and arrow! Congratulations Shawn  Paul & Tim @ TCO
    Shawn Luke, Preston MS
  • Ken Brandl
    Tombstone Creek Outfitters, Just wanted to thank you for a great hunt this season.  Your operation is set up as well as any I have ever seen.  I have re-booked for next season already! Cant wait! Update: Tombstone Team, This was my 5th year hunting at your Missouri location. Every year the camp has had improvements and the number of properties increase. This shows you are committed to being in Missouri for the long term and giving your clients the best hunting experiences possible. I have been enjoying bow hunting for more than 40 years and Missouri is a bow hunters dream come true. Thanks for all the great experiences and the ones to come. Can't wait to get back for the late season. Ken Brandl Stillwater, Minnesota
    Ken Brandl
  • Toby Smith - New Richmond, WI
    I hunted with Tombstone Creek on the season opener AWESOME!  I could only hunt for 3 days, due to my work schedule.  Despite the short hunt, I was still able to see two mature bucks.  I did passed up several smaller bucks, and does, and killed a Turkey with my bow.  My only regret is that I wish I had at least one more day to hunt.  I was very close to getting a shot at a huge 10 point, he was just out of range.  You guys have a really nice operation. Thanks, and see you next year. Update this season: Toby hunted again this season and seen several good deer, and took a great 10 point!  He is planning on returning this coming season again!  TCOutfitters
    Toby Smith - New Richmond, WI
  • Rich Vetterkind - Somerset, WI
    Dear TCO, I want to thank you for this years Missouri hunt, I had the time of my life. This is my first out of state whitetail hunt & felt very fortunate (lucky) to kill a nice buck.  This hunt exceeded my expectations.  I can honestly say that if I had not killed a buck, I still had a great time.  It is obvious; the potential to kill huge whitetails in your area exists.  You guys are awesome Outfitters, I am very lucky to have hunted with you. I especially want to let you know how much effort that you guys put into the hunt so that all of us had a good time.  You guys worked their tails off helping us all week long we cant thank you enough.  Jim & Dan both spent the entire afternoon helping Steve & I get our deer out of the woods.  Both of them could have been out hunting & instead took the time to help us. I do have a large crew tentatively set up to go turkey hunting this spring, cant wait.  I will be getting with Dan soon to start getting things lined up if you still have openings. Again Thanks, ------------ Paul, Jim, and Dan, I cant thank you guys enough for another successful hunt @ TCO! Once again, I had the time of my life! Thanks, Rich Vetterkind
    Rich Vetterkind - Somerset, WI
  • Casey Blum - Sauk City, WI
    Dan, Paul, & Jim, Thanks for the quality hunt in Missouri this season.  I wish I had just a bit more luck and could have gotten a shot at that huge 10 point.  I can’t wait to come back and hunt with you again next season.  Your operation is set up so nicely, and you have great quality deer. Update this season:  I guess this time things worked out a bit better?  I killed one of my biggest deers ever on my second season hunting with Tombstone Creek Outfitters!  I promise to be back next season!! Thanks guys! Casey Blum. Check out our home page and photo album to see Casey's 166 SCI early season buck!  TCO
    Casey Blum - Sauk City, WI
  • Tom Schmitz - Perham, MN
    Hey TCO, Our stay at Tombstone Creek Outfitting was a whole new experience for my son and myself.  The house we stayed in had all the comforts of home,we had everything we needed.  The hunting terrain was unlike anything we had ever hunted,with the ridges and valleys and more open type woods with the different types of hardwoods. We hunted at the tail end of the rut.  While I personally did not see any big bucks my son and two other friends saw and had chances at some really nice shooter bucks.  My son was able to get an arrow in a great 140 inch ten point buck and with a lot of looking and ground work from PK and his guys this buck will be hanging on Andy's wall in a short time. I can't say enough about the way we were treated at Tombstone Creek Outfitters, like we had been friends for a long time.  It was an experience I hope to repeat for many years to come.
    Tom Schmitz - Perham, MN
  • Dan Nagel - Hudson, WI
    I am an avid bowhunter who has hunted many states for whitetail deer over the years.  Last November I hunted with Tombstone Creek Outfitters in Northern Missouri.  Their operation is set up perfectly for hunters of all types.  There was obviously a lot of thought put into the way their operation is run from day number one. I enjoyed every minute that I spent in the "Show me state” last fall!  I can honestly say that during this time I saw more big mature whitetail bucks, than I have seen in the previous 10 years of hunting combined. I have always said, that "you never get a season back" so I can guarantee you that I will be back next year!  I can’t wait to head down to Missouri, spend a little time with Mother Nature, and try my hand at taking one of those trophy bucks again next season! Sincerely, Update:   Dan had several opportunities this season, and killed a nice buck on the last day of his hunt!  Way to go Dan, he will be back for years to come!! Tombstone Creek Outfitters
    Dan Nagel - Hudson, WI
  • Mike Wellens - Hudson, WI & Ron Bonte - Hammond, WI
    During this Archery Deer Season we participated in a hunt with Tombstone Creek Outfitters.  We hunted in early November and the deer seemed to be at the peak of their rutting activity.  We hunted every day for a week and saw a good number of deer.  The size and the quality of the bucks were tremendous.  We think the 8 point rule that the state of Missouri has enacted produces numerous deer that are over 130 inches. We both had a chances at bucks in the 150 range.  One of us harvested an 8-point buck that scored around 120.  We stayed in a house with other people, brought our own food and took turns cooking each night.  After supper each night we sat around the TV and talked hunting. The accommodations were nice and the staff was courteous and very knowledgeable in deer hunting tactics.  They are willing to do what ever it takes to assist you in harvesting a deer.  We have re-booked a hunt for next season and look forward to hunting with Tombstone Creek.   If you have any questions about the hunt please feel free to e-mail either one us. Update:  We had another awesome hunt this season, what a great bunch of guys!  I killed a great buck and we have already re- booked for next season.  What a great hunt, we cant wait to come back. Mike Wellens   Hudson, WI
    Mike Wellens - Hudson, WI & Ron Bonte - Hammond, WI
  • Steve Warren
    Guys, I am in on the April 20th Turkey hunt this spring.  I am so happy with the deer I killed last November.  How lucky was I totake a P&Y class deer on my first day! Thanks so much guys, Tombstone Creek. Your awesome. Update: Steve Killed a buck again his second trip that is a ligit hog!  He seen 22 buck from stand on his 5 day hunt, 3 were shooters!  It is obviously not very common to see numbers like this as Steve had the hunt of a life time! Check out the photo's, you will see what we mean by saying he took a hog!  TCO
    Steve Warren
  • Dacia and Josh Kilanowski - Taylors Falls, MN
    My wife and I hunted with Tombstone Creek Outfitters during this season.  I cannot say enough great stuff about the place. I am lucky to have a great wife who let me make 2 trips to Missouri, and she was able to come with for the late season hunt.  She still talks about the great time she had not only hunting but back at the camp with the stories, thanks guys.
    Tombstone Creek has a great variety of hunting properties to choose from so during our hunt we could either sit in the same stand every day, or go somewhere different as the hunting conditions changed.  Overall, it's a great hunting experience and we have already re-booked for next season and will be bringing my 2 brothers and father with, and of course my wife.
    Can't wait for the upcoming season!
    Thanks Paul and Tombstone Creek
    Dacia and Josh Kilanowski - Taylors Falls, MN
  • Maurizio Sqroi,  New York
    TCO and Paul, Thanks for a great hunt and for running a great operation.   I have re-booked for next season and cant wait to get back to Northern Missouri.   Thanks for thinking of me, and fitting me into your next season.
    Maurizio Sqroi,  New York
  • Joe Penard - Amery, WI
    Dear TCO, I want to thank you guys for an awesome hunt this season!  I can’t believe how many of us killed great deer this year!  I have re-booked for next season. Update: Joe Killed another buck, this makes him 2 for 2 on his trips to MO @ TCO!
    Joe Penard - Amery, WI
  • Jason Ziegler - Frazee, MN
    Paul, Your hunt was the most fun I have had on an out of state hunt. The guys were fun to be around and you have a great set-up….That area is a great spot for sure! I would of re-booked this year if I hadn’t decided to cash in my Iowa points. Thanks,
    Jason Ziegler - Frazee, MN
  • John Millican - Arizona
    Paul, I wanted to thank you again for the awesome hunt with Tombstone Creek Outfitters. As I mentioned to you before, you have developed an outstanding opportunity for hunters to have a chance at a high quality whitetail buck. The accommodations at Tombstone Creek are top notch. I appreciate how you made it a point to work for the hunters by setting up new stand sites during the hunt. The stand sites have been well planned out, food plots are well designed and in locations to draw in the big boys. You guys are top notch whitetail hunters & fabulous people, you made the trip to Missouri a most memorable one. Even though I was not fortunate to take a buck, I did see 3 P&Y bucks, got to see two P&Y archery kills, laid my hands on Casey's giant, and had two very close calls, along with an experience that I will never forget. The camaraderie of the camp and the hunters made the hunt fly by and felt like we had all been friends for years. I did not have the luck needed to arrow one of these bucks, but came home with great memories, and the hope of heading back sometime in the near future to test my skills and luck against that of a big buck.
    John Millican - Arizona
  • Marlyn Wiebelhaus Guiding - Wynot, NE
    For the last 17 years I have been a Turkey, Bow Fishing & Paddlefish Guide and Outfitter in Nebraska. I thought I had a great set up until I went on a hunt with Tombstone Creek Outfitters. No doubt about it they are the best. Paul is so organize and very detailed. I picked up some great ideals that I can apply to my own outfitting business. I was fortunate to hunt the opener. It was warm and humid but despite the conditions, within the first couple days of the season Tim shot a 193" monster with Casey Blum shooting a huge 166" whitetail and John Millican having a 140+ inch right under his stand.Paul can put me in his worst stand and it would still be way better then any place I have in Nebraska. On this hunt I was able to shoot my first Eastern turkey from a tree stand. It was a great hunt and I am looking forward to coming back.
    Thank you Paul for going that extra mile!
    Marlyn Wiebelhaus Guiding - Wynot, NE
  • H&H OUTDOORS Mark Hitcome, Brian Hitcome - New York
    Paul, Again we had a great time at Tombstone Creek Outfitters !! We did hit it on the week of the terrible winter storm that blew in and paralized the mid west ! still we saw dear movement, it was tuff hunting but we tried! 5-13 below zero some mornings and 25-35 mph winds. We made the best of it! we still saw deer ! great hospitality a warm camp and great stories made it fun none the less! We cant wait till next Nov to hunt with you guys again! Guys get ready for the return of the New York boys ! you arent getting rid of us!
    Thank you again for all the hard work!
    H&H OUTDOORS Mark Hitcome, Brian Hitcome - New York
  • Jimmy Primos - Jackson, Mississippi
    We had an AWESOME hunt with Tombstone Creek Outfitters. They have some great hunting properties and excellent accomodations. Everybody was very friendly and fun to be with, just like hunting with your buddies back home!
    Thanks again!
    Jimmy Primos - Jackson, Mississippi
  • Darik and Diane Bollig - Newbury, Indiana
    Dear Tombstone Creek Outfitters: Once again you have out done yourself. The hunting lodge was great, and your hunting properties were well laid out, and the deer hunting was awesome! We had a great time both hunting, and while in camp with the other hunters. What a great group of people. The nice thing about your operation is that we didn't ever see another hunter in the field the entire time we were their. It was almost like it was our own private hunting grounds. You provided us with so many good tree stand options as starting points it gave us so many options! Once again, your place is awesome! Diane and I had a great time, and it was fun to have another successful year with you guys.
    Thanks so much!
    Darik and Diane Bollig - Newbury, Indiana